Dorothea Lange, Migrant Worker on A California Highway, 1935
    Dorothea Lange. Tales of Life and Work
    Camera / Jul 19 – Oct 8, 2023

    Dorothea Lange’s photography, now nearly a hundred years later, continues to resound in its portrayal of a time and a people, calling for compassion, inspiring understanding, and invoking hope.

    Thomas Iversen
    Momentum 12: Together As To Gather
    Jun 10 – Oct 8, 2023

    For the biennale, Tenthaus practices a gathering methodology. The intention is to begin from the practices of the artists and work from there, coming together to find the common threads of connection.

    Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects
    Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects
    Sep 28, 2023 – Jan 21, 2024

    American Prospects has enjoyed a life of acclaim. Its pages are filled with unexpected excitement, despair, tenderness and hope. Its fears are expressed in beauty, its sadnesses in irony.

    Angela Blažanović, Fragments of a River
    Jun 23 – Dec 10, 2023

    With REGENERATE as its theme, the festival brings together works that explore the changes modern society must face, seeing the world as built around reciprocal relationships that benefit all parties.

    Wlasta Laura
    The Unspoken Things
    Photo Series

    The Unspoken Things series is inspired by ethnographic texts that deal with the body as a cultural phenomenon, drawing on the ritual and symbolic meanings that are found in folk culture and costumes.

    ARTPIL / Prescription .142
    White heat. A Green River.

    A bridge, scorched yellow palms from the summer-sleeping house drowsing through August. Days I have held, days I have lost, days that outgrow, like daughters, my harbouring arms. –Derek Walcott

    • Nan Goldin / This Will Not End Well
      Steidl / Moderna Museet

      This is the first book to present a comprehensive overview of Nan Goldin’s work as a filmmaker. Accompanying the retrospective show and tour of the same name, organized by Moderna Museet, Stockholm, the book draws from the nearly dozen slideshows and films (more…)