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    César Cuspoca
    Afterglow / Korebaju
    César Cuspoca

    In this immersive installation Afterglow: Korebaju, While the Earth Remains, Cuspoca creates a ritual space using elements of the local environment to evoke life’s simplicity in the Amazon Rainforest.

    Maya Alleruzzo
    World Press Photo 2021
    Winners & Exhibitions Announced

    World Press Photo recognizes the best visual journalism of the year, awarding the images and stories of photographers in eight categories. This year we announce the 45 participants from 28 countries.

    Oct 4, 2020 – Jul 4, 2021

    Collezione Maramotti in collaboration with Museo Casa Mollino presents a group exhibition that brings together paintings by Enoc Perez and photographs by Brigitte Schindler and Carlo Mollino.

    Sean Scully
    Between Heaven & Earth
    Sean Scully / Apr 24 – Jun 19, 2021

    Entre Ciel et Terre: Fusing the traditions of European painting with the distinct character of American abstraction, Sean Scully is renowned for his expressive and spiritual use of color and form.

    Ornella Mazzola
    Women of Meridione
    Strength in the Deep South

    Places with a strong soul, where the sea connects with the strength of women… In the South of Italy, passion, dignity, spirituality, and suspension can be seen through the cracks of the walls.

    ARTPIL / Prescription .122
    Companion in Rome

    Midsummer’s furnace casts everything in bronze. Old as that peeling fresco whose flaking paint is the clouds. Tonsured, you’re muttering a line your exiled country will soon learn by heart. –Walcott