Aëla Labbé

Aëla Labbé is a self-taught photographer & contemporary dancer from France.

Whenever one looks at her work one feels as though one is looking at relics from some bygone era that never existed, except in dreams.

Her photographs are iconic, and full of romanticism, emotions, darkness, comfort, danger, absurdity, and beauty. The moods that she captures are complex and three-dimensional, you can tell it comes from a place of meaning. Spellbinding & fascinating.

She conceives photography as a continuation of dance, her first passion, composing with bodies in the space with a special emphasis on the body language and its expressive power, just like in choreography.

Nostalgia, childhood, dreams, love, memories, melancholia are recurrent themes in her works. She often uses old and dusty objects to create sets and give this timeless dimension to her photographs. Light and details are very important.

The flow of her inspiration comes from different springs: dance, theatre, cinema, painting, literature and music, as well as the place she lives in, her travels and her own family, especially her brothers and sisters’ sons & daughters who have become her main protagonists.

Open to all kind of artistic collaborations she started to cooperate with musicians and has worked for Parisian stylist MelleSan.

Aëla has already given exhibitions in France and in Greece and her photos have been published in various art magazines and websites worldwide.