Alexandra Sophie

I am a French, self-taught photographer who loves to make magic with a camera, to capture love, fairies, childhood dreams and fragility. I like ice cream, witches and aliens. I love to wear dresses and run in the fields. I don’t like superficial things and I prefer everything in it’s natural form. I am aspiring to have a cosy and secure life. I stopped school early due to health problems, but I kept studying the world by myself, reading books, sitting anywhere and watching how humanity acts and moves.

I have been sitting on that bench, looking at people running, trying not to miss their bus, I’ve been standing against that wall and watching teenagers going out from school and laughing at each other. Then I realized that it doesn’t fit at all with what we used to tell in the fairytales. I felt sad and nostalgic to see everyone ready to kill to get a job, and I assigned myself a mission to prove everyone that softness, love, dream-time and innocence are still there.

A harmonic world between us and nature, where everyone cares about each other and feel free to love.