Alina Moise
Photographer / Architect

Graduated in 2019 from the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, I am currently living and working in Bucharest, Romania, as an architect while I develop my passion for photography. When I design I imagine I am a photographer in my project and I want to take great pictures, with good composition, interesting colors, contrast, sunlight, to capture the feeling of the space. ‘Architecture as Art. Finding the principles of objective beauty in architecture’ was one of my research topics, being more interested in the artistic side and the psycho-social influence of architecture over humans.

I enjoy discovering new places and cultures and I am interested in photography, cinematography, and art – tools through which I discover aesthetic principles, the world’s entropy, and social behavior. My themes and subjects are mostly focused on the anthropic environment and how the design shapes the space and the human behavior around it. Through this pandemic year, I couldn’t travel anymore so I turned to more personal documentary photography. 

‘Grandma’s House’, a photo that was taken in Bacău, during the lockdown is included in the Global Images for Global Crisis physical exhibition at the ICP / International Center of Photography in New York, curated by David Company. Several other images have been featured on Instagram by pages as Calvert Journal, Euronews Travel, and ICP, among others.

I am now struggling to exhibit my photographic pandemic journal and to publish a photographic zine about it. Looking forward to applying for a master in photography abroad.