Ana Blagojevic

The personal question is only the origin of an unpredictable process, from which I avoid to pre-set stages, but I let the flow of my ideas to generate, in relation to time and space in which it occurs. Often changing circumstances stimulates a variation in instruments: my photographic practice is associated with other media such as video, notebooks of drawings and notes, iconographic research and archives. I observe, experiment, rework with the intention of caring for the idea without pre-defining the final form. I let the path trace its outline and I select individual elements to reassemble them into other representations.

My idea of photography has changed over the years. I was lucky enough to be confronted with several masters of photography that formed my eye. With the photographer Guido Guidi I approached the urban landscape photography and I dealt with issues such as the composition and structure of the sequence. During the Belgian experience at Sint Lukas in Brussels, I experienced in first person the basics of analog photography, initiating more personal practices based on experimentation and fragmentation of the image, to go beyond the limits of the frame with the fusion of photography and performance. Inspired by my theater practice, led by Cesar Brie, in the performance I tried to interact with participants and observers, and allow the creation of sensory experiences.

My artistic practice has grown grafted on a daily basis, taking a sample of the pieces and the experience and returning them changed. Another turning point for my photographic vision was the meeting with Alex Majoli, Magnum Photos photojournalist. The work along side Alex has strengthened my approach to photography and opened new views towards interior urgency and practical work, other than only ambition. Over the past two years I have approached the genre of reportage, investing my energies in a path of travel, research and selections from which have derived my last work.