Anne-Sophie Soudoplatoff

Anne-Sophie Soudoplatoff is a French photographer based in Paris.

After obtaining a Master’s degree in cinema, she graduated in photography from Gobelins, school of images, in 2015. During her studies at Gobelins, she co-directed her first film Laura, screened at the Cinématheque Française.

Her photographic work is inspired by cinema as well as some of the pioneers of color photography. She places a particular focus on ephemeral lights, since for her, they unveil the innermost, mysterious facets of beings, shrouding them in dreams. When editing her images, she lets latent echoes between them emerge and attempts to create new spaces. This way, she explores a world between reality and fiction, imagining her own stories.

She is currently working on different photo projects as a freelance artist, while directing photography workshops. Her work was recently awarded the « Prix jeunes talents des agents associés » in 2018, and shown at the Galerie Madé, in Paris, as well as abroad.