Chiara Bruschini
30 Under 30 Women Photographers / 2024
Selections Announced

Artpil proudly announces for its 15th Edition the selection of 30 Under 30 Women Photographers / 2024. Founded in 2010, this annual selection has helped emerging, mid-career, as well as some accomplished women photographers to gain further exposure and participate in the collective among peers. With styles ranging from art photography to documentary, portraiture to street and fashion, the works have been overwhelmingly well received.

Previous groups have exhibited in Rome in collaboration with CultRise and Dude Magazine, and in Paris and Lille in partnership with Maison Photo at Maison de la Photographie and Galerie Claude Samuel. The 2020 group gave occasion to launch Artpil’s online viewing room and we continued with 2021 and 2022 participating in Rome Art Week. Last year’s group 2023 took part in Torino Art Week with an artist reception and slideshow projection in collaboration with Recontemporary alongside a full exhibition online. This year promises further exposure with a growing audience for the 2024 group.

Among the growing list of photographers in the collective, many have come from or have gone on to join agencies such as Magnum or Hans Lucas, and organizations like ICP / International Center of Photography. Many are winners of LensCulture and World Press Photo awards with representation in festivals such as Les Rencontres d’ArlesCirculation(s), and Voies Off. Publications include Aperture, The New York Times, and Photo Vogue, and several of the photographers have continued to contribute their series to Artpil, including Benedetta Ristori (2017) Being HumanJulie Hascoët (2017) Mexican JournalSarah Blesener (2018) Toy SoldiersEkaterina Anchevskaya (2018) Forgiving and I Remember Nothingand Laure d’Utruy (2017) with Tempohome and The Royal Road: In Transformation and Wlasta Laura (2023) with The Unspoken Things.


Ashley Armitage | Chiara Bruschini | Andreea Castris | Allie Collier | Florencia Gonzalez Hardoy | Hajar Benjida | Giulia Biaggi | Noa Boucquillon | Ivory Campbell | Manu Ferneini | Yasemin Güney Erten | Yaz Ertürk | Yanitsa Genova | Tsion Haileselassie | Yuxi Hou | Kanya Iwana | Kim | Ophelie Loubat | Xuesheng Ma | Deborah Martino | Kaitlin Maxwell | Clara Miquel | Natalia Poniatowska | Victoria Razo | Beatrice Sacco | Karin Scuderi | Veronika Vegera | Kathia Vertiz | Virginia Villacisla | Foteini Zaglara

  • Emilio Prini: …E Prini
    Oct 27, 2023 – Mar 31, 2024
    Rome, Italy

    …E Prini is the most extensive exhibition ever dedicated to the work of Emilio Prini (Stresa, 1943 – Rome, 2016). Comprising of over 250 works, the exhibition project, realized in collaboration with the Archivio Emilio Prini, is conceived according to a chronological path which spans fifty years, from 1966 to 2016, to reconstruct the work of one of Italy’s most complex and enigmatic artistic figures from the recent past, whose work has not been fully surveyed to this day. (more…)

  • Wong Chung-Wai: Hong Kong After Hong Kong

    In May 2021, Wong Chung-Wai left Hong Kong with his family to begin a new life in the UK. During the six months prior to their departure he had wandered the city alone using his camera to create an imprint of those things he could not take with him. The photographs in Hong Kong After Hong Kong are Chung-Wai’s visual lament for the city. They show the city’s contradictions – the co-existence of urban infrastructure and nature, the ancient and contemporary (more…)

  • Bára Prášilová: Circles

    The first comprehensive book by photographer and visual artist Bára Prašilová summarizing her work over the past 15 years. The editor of the book, Thomas Beachdel, characterizes her work as “pictures of wonder” balancing on the edge of beauty and strangeness, reality and fantasy, tenderness and violence, which stems from the author’s sense of the absurd. (more…)

  • Mikko Takkunen: Hong Kong
    Kehrer Verlag

    With his first photobook Hong Kong, The New York Times’ photo editor Mikko Takkunen captured one of the world’s greatest metropolises during a time of political uncertainty and the pandemic. As the city was still recovering from the aftermath of the anti-government protests of 2019, Takkunen began to concentrate on the purity of seeing and capturing the world anew. (more…)

  • Zhanna Kadyrova: Border Memory
    Feb 17 – May 5, 2024
    Uppsala Art Museum
    Uppsala, Sweden

    Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova lets urban materials such as asphalt, concrete and tiles bear witness to history’s many layers of rearrangements, visions and shattered dreams. The artist works in a post-minimalist tradition, and the spatial installations refer both to utopian movements and to how abstraction in art is linked to the modern project. Since Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022, Kadyrova’s art has focused entirely on psychological and sociological aspects of the war. (more…)