Carlos Garaicoa
A Borderless Reality / Carlos Garaicoa
Oct 4, 2019 – Feb 2, 2020
Lunds Konsthall
Lund, Sweden

Carlos Garaicoa investigates how the city and its architecture reflect and influence society. Havana’s abandoned construction projects and the lost dreams they represent are at the core of his meditations.

Havana’s unfinished and abandoned construction projects, and the lost dreams they represent, mark the starting point for his meditations on how all utopias fail. In Havana decayed buildings from the colonial era and the early twentieth century coexist with the many truncated projects of the Cuban Revolution. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Cuba became isolated and was hit by serious economic crisis, which made most construction work impossible.

The exhibition consists of two parts and is a collaboration between Skissernas Museum and Lunds Konsthall. This is the first significant presentation of Carlos Garaicoa’s work in Sweden.