Nerina Toci
A Seed of the Hill
Fondazione Mudima, Milano
Nerina Toci

Curated by Davide di Maggio and published by Fondazione Mudima, it is a work in progress project that includes a selection of photographs taken between 2017 and 2020 in Sicily, mainly among asymmetrical slopes of the Nebrodi mountains, and which arises from a very precise need to define reality.

At the beginning of his artistic research, Toci’s gaze was conditioned by dreams and emotions; the focus of her investigation was her identity and what was real to her. This volume collects an intense work, which exemplifies the artistic evolution of the photographer: after gradually eliminating her own figure from the shots, Toci tries to capture the universal identity through the experience of the sensitive.

The anthropological interest – with the constant reflection on the female figure, on the sense of place and the boundary – and the questioning of reality shift the function of photography from the aesthetic to the real: the real answer lies not in capturing and possessing reality.

At one time my gaze was conditioned by dreams, by the emotional surface, where the focal point was the investigation of my identity and what reality represented for me. To date my second attempt is to capture the structure of universal identity through sensitive experience. I ask myself a question: what is real?

–Nerina Toci

A Seed of the Hill
Nerina Toci
Curated by Davide Di Maggio
Fondazione Mudima, Milano, 2020
178 Pages, 22×26 cm, Italian & English

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