Adam Linder, Hustle Harder, 2023. Performance documentation, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. © the artist. Photo: Clemens Habicht. Performers: Narelle Benjamin, Taos Bertrand, Juan Pablo Camara, Eugene Choi, Alice Heyward, Bec Jensen, Noha Ramadan, Brooke Stamp, Ivey Wawn
Adam Linder: Hustle Harder
Jul 20 – Aug 20, 2023
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
Sydney, Australia

In July and August, the internationally acclaimed choreographer Adam Linder will present a performance exhibition commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Curated by Anneke Jaspers, Hustle Harder focuses on the museum as a space where performers and public increasingly ready themselves for the camera, using art and architecture as a backdrop for their own image making. Linder’s choreography amplifies this phenomenon of incessant image reproduction into a rich and eerie movement vocabulary, which he refers to as ‘virtuosic angling’.

The scenography for the performance takes its cues directly from the MCA. A series of mobile partitions mimic elements of the Museum’s infrastructure, signaling how everything from lighting to signage plays a role in conditioning visitor behavior. Performed all day by a rotating cast of dancers and with contributions from other creatives, Hustle Harder also highlights how the format of the exhibition converges with the physical, durational and collaborative dimensions of live performance.

Adam Linder (b. 1983, Australia) is based in Berlin. Linder makes work for both the stage and gallery spaces, often riffing on the histories and social codes that underpin these different contexts. He has a maverick attitude toward choreography, working with the medium across the worlds of contemporary dance, visual arts, music, fashion and education.

Performers: Narelle Benjamin, Taos Bertrand, Juan Pablo Camara, Eugene Choi, Alice Heyward, Bec Jensen, Noha Ramadan, Brooke Stamp, Ivey Wawn

Exhibition Design: Adam Linder and Deniz Celtek
Costume Design: Dion Lee
Sound Design: Steffen Martin
Choreographic Assistance: Brooke Stamp
Producers: Jade Muratore and Sasha Okshteyn

Hustle Harder features artworks from the MCA Collection by Hany Armanious, Agatha Gothe-Snape and Tracey Moffatt

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