Alex Prager. Polyester: Four Girls, 2007
Alex Prager / Compulsion
Mar 6 – May 24, 2019
MAMM / Multimedia Art Museum Moscow
Moscow, Russia

The highly choreographed nature of Alex Prager’s work embodies a visual vocabulary and style that has become her own, a familiar yet uncanny imagery depicting worlds synthesized of fiction and reality.

Alex Prager is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and photographer. Her work consists of elaborately staged scenes that draw inspiration from a wide range of influences and references, including Hollywood cinema, experimental films, popular culture, and street photography.

The highly choreographed nature of her photographs and films embody a visual vocabulary and style that has become uniquely her own. Beyond the bright and attractive façade of Prager’s imagery is a world full of emotion, drama and psychologically rich subjects. Her hyper-stylized and layered compositions, like those reminiscent of Diane Arbus and William Eggleston, exist in a space where there is no clear boundary between fact and fiction as well as superficiality and depth.