Alice Rekab, Isatu at Rest, 2021 / Courtesy of the artist © Alice Rekab
Alice Rekab / Mehrfamilienhaus
Feb 16 – May 14, 2023
Museum Villa Stuck
München, Germany

Museum Villa Stuck presents Alice Rekab’s first institutional solo exhibition in Germany. Rekab explores cultural and personal narratives – stories that are told about us and by us. The artist’s Irish/Sierra-Leonian identity serves as a starting point to reflect on realities of life, experiences of growing up, and family histories. What shape does our belonging take? The joys and traumas of our existence are viewed through the prisms of body, family, and nation state.

The exhibition in the Ricochet series shows existing and new work. The latter were created during Rekab’s 2021 AIR-M Residency at the Villa Waldberta and the 2022 Kunstverein München Peripheral Alliances Residency. Exploring mimetic, amateur, and regional methods of cultural production, Rekab develops a hybridized visual language. Their transdisciplinary work spans collage, film, installation, sculpture, and text.

Through their presentation of these works at the Museum Villa Stuck, Rekab creates connections and confrontations between intergenerational experiences of race, place, and belonging, connecting with the sites of their residencies, Franz von Stuck’s home, and its former occupants. These site-specific installations integrate materials and furniture from the respective locations that Rekab encountered during their time in Munich.

Curator: Dr. Sabine Schmid

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