Apostolos Georgiou, Untitled, 2022 / Courtesy of the artist
Alina Chaiderov & Apostolos Georgiou
Aug 20 – Oct 15, 2023
Aranya Art Center
Qinhuangdao, China

Chaiderov often chooses to work with the simplest materials and plays with the intertextuality of their physical properties and their psychological implications. Born in the former Soviet Union and exiled to Sweden with her family in the late 1980s, the artist integrates collective experience, and individual encounters, in addition to the perception and sensation of her body and the subconscious, into her works, exploring the fundamental propositions of matter, time, memory, and space.

The materials presented in this exhibition are minimal, the transparency and fragility of the glass in Core of Existence contrast with the frigid and rigid qualities of the metal support. The copper in Into Vastness is the artist’s most commonly used metal, an element that’s particularly dangerous and even deadly for a patient suffering from Wilson’s disease like her, and the intake of which in food should be carefully controlled. At the same time, the artist believes that copper pipes in infrastructure are like the veins in the human body, transporting energy throughout the city-conceived as an urban “body.” In this sense, she draws our attention to the broader social and cultural landscape through the mechanism of our bodies.

Like the absurd and witty sketches on stage, Georgiou portrays anonymous figures using coarse brushwork, modeled on the artist himself and symbolizing a community of his contemporaries. “I am an ordinary person who shares the joys, sorrows, desires, and fears of everyone”, the artist explains. The figures seem intimate yet indifferent to each other, preoccupied with their little worlds, either wearily or comically coping with life. The artist claims his works are “failed representations,” which is not necessarily a pessimistic expression; instead, he willingly shares with the viewer that “I have also been frustrated”. These performative figures and images are symbolic in revealing the alienation in contemporary relationships and the dilemma of individual existence.