And the Rest Should Be Squandered
Nov 15, 2019 – Jan 4, 2020
Tobias Rehberger / Pedro Cera
Lisbon, Portugal

German artist Tobias Rehberger is a leading figure in the field of contemporary art today. Although rooted within the conceptual frame of sculpture, his works frequently “happen” on the intersection between what is traditionally considered visual art, design and architecture, challenging thus art’s conventional understanding, its classification, authenticity and the romantic notion of the artist. Moreover, making the subject of transformation a central theme of his practice, Rehberger’s work questions traditional modes of perception, awareness and temporality, creating a sense of transience, discontinuity and of ambiguity.

This exhibition at Pedro Cera, the title of which, derives from a quote by George Best, a Northern Irish football player, who in one of his interviews said: “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered,” brings together numerous groups of works, which aim to challenge the above mentioned perception of art, by bringing into play subjects, such as, art’s functionality, its reading, authenticity and perfection.

  • The Unspoken Things
    Photo Series
    Wlasta Laura

    The Moravian folk costume (kroj) is a traditional clothing ensemble that originates from the Moravia region of the Czech Republic. This costume reflects the cultural heritage and history of the Moravian people. The Moravian folk costume typically consists of various garments and accessories that vary depending on the specific region within Moravia. (more…)

  • Anicka Yi: A Shimmer Through The Quantum Foam
    Sep 15 – Oct 21, 2023
    Esther Schipper
    Berlin, Germany

    Esther Schipper is pleased to announce Anicka Yi’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Entitled A Shimmer Through The Quantum Foam, the exhibition features a series of unique animated pod sculptures that pulse and undulate, casting their flickering light across the surfaces of luminous algorithmically-generated paintings. Below this suspended constellation of bio-techno lifeforms, the soft glow of an aqueous ooze – indicative of life’s marine origins – sprawls in a shallow crater in a built up section across the gallery floor. (more…)