Andrei Tarkovsky, The Mirror (still)
Andrei Tarkovsky / The Exhibition
Sep 14 – Dec 6, 2019
Eye Film Museum
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The masterpieces of Andrei Tarkovsky weave together dreams and memories, past and present. The painterly beauty of his images and his poignant metaphysical reflections on humanity, still inspire.

With associative films rich in imagery, Andrei Tarkovsky (1932‒1986) made his name as a leading innovator of the language of cinema. This autumn, Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam presents an exhibition and film program devoted to the celebrated filmmaker and mystic, focusing specifically on Tarkovsky’s quest for existential truth. In addition to immersing the visitor in Tarkovsky’s imagery, the exhibition includes unique documents – letters, photos and Polaroids – that have never previously been displayed in the Netherlands. Moreover, the accompanying film program features digitally restored films.

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