Angelika J. Trojnarski, Breathing Waters, 2023
Angelika J. Trojnarski: Warm Breath
Jun 10 – Jul 29, 2023
Galerie Tanja Wagner
Berlin, Germany

Galerie Tanja Wagner is pleased to present Warm Breath, a solo exhibition by Angelika J. Trojnarski, featuring a selection of collages and paintings that confront issues of climate change. The exhibition promises to be a powerful and atmospheric experience for visitors.

Angelika J. Trojnarski has been dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues throughout her artistic career, and Warm Breath is no exception. The show shares its title with a research project the artist began in September of 2022, where she trekked to the top of the Zugspitze, Germany’s tallest mountain, to study melting glaciers and interview scientists. In the exhibition, Trojnarski further coalesces scientific research with artistic reflection. Warm Breath alludes not only to the impact that our actions have on the planet’s climate, but also to the breath of life that sustains us all. The exhibition thereby encourages us to reflect on the interconnectedness of all life and to consider our responsibility to care for it, with works that thematize some of the most pressing challenges of global warming.

An all new series of collages features stark contrasts between hot and cold. The saturated reds and blues in Melting Air, Glowing Surf, and Weathering Heights capture the intense heat of forest fires and the icy chill of melting glaciers. The pieces hang floating throughout the exhibition space, like clouds over a mountain range. This immersive installation technique, conceptualized by Trojnarski and inspired by her trek up the Zugspitze, allows visitors to wander through the artworks as on a hike through nature. Nature’s sublimity is accentuated by majestic and invigorating paintings Breathing Waters and Longing. Through her art, Trojnarski invites viewers to contemplate both the force and fragility of nature.

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