Anne Collier, Mirror, 2020
Anne Collier
Sep 11 – Nov 6, 2020
The Modern Institute
Glasgow, United Kingdom

The Modern Institute is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by the New York based artist Anne Collier. This will be Collier’s third solo exhibition with the gallery.

Over the past two decades Anne Collier has developed a far-reaching body of work that considers our evolving relationships – emotional, psychological, biographical, etc. – with photographic images and with the medium of photography itself. Central to Collier’s project is a consideration of the processes through which we develop highly personal relationships with photographic images, and how these narratives both relate to and negotiate photography’s own relationship with memory, melancholia and loss.

Shot in the studio, using a large-format analog camera, Collier’s work is informed as much by earlier technical and commercial photography as it is by the work of the ‘Pictures’ generation of artists. In Collier’s work a tension is established between the ‘objective’, almost forensic-like depiction of her subjects and the often highly emotional nature of the images that she re-presents. Throughout her work Collier emphasizes the fraught relationships between gender and image-making.