Katrien de Blauwer
a ppr oc he
art salon
May 26–30, 2021
Paris, France

a ppr oc he is an art salon devoted to the experimentation of the photographic medium. Designed as an exhibition, with a curatorial gaze and consisting exclusively of solo shows, a ppr oc he highlights artists and invites conversation.

For this fourth edition, appr oc he has chosen to gather the artists selected by the curators Elsa Janssen, Emilia Genuardi, Léa Chauvel-Lévy and Tristan Lund in 3 galleries of the Marais, Paris:

Christian Berst Art Brut
Galerie Papillon
Espace Bertrand Grimont

  • popular
    Oct 5, 2023 – Apr 14, 2024
    Institut Valencià d’Art Modern / IVAM
    Valencia, Spain

    What is “popular”? Popular is not fame or celebrity. Popular is not the products of mass culture. Popular is not pop. Popular is not the art of the people, nor the identity of the country, nor the symbols of the nation. The popular is not the product of the proletariat or the craftsmanship of the working classes. The popular is not folklore. The popular is not clichés or tourist souvenirs.The popular is not visual candy, one-euro merchandise, advertising royalties. Popular is somewhere in-between all of that (more…)