Tehching Hsieh, One Year Performance 1980-1981, Punching the Time Clock, 1981, performance art, New York. Courtesy the artist, New York. Photography by Michael Shen. Copyright © 1981 Tehching Hsieh
Are You Working Now?
Aug 12 – Nov 5, 2023
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Taichung City, Taiwan

In 2004, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) embarked on the plan to promote techno art, and for the past 20 years, the museum has presented various techno art projects, inviting international techno art institutions, curators, and artists to work together to curate exhibitions that feature techno art to support the promotion and presentation of innovative creative works. Through various themes, the exhibitions explore the various cultural issues in the age of technology, including medicine, ecology, politics, science, philosophy, and religion. Last year’s “Mediating Asia” was presented with religious and philosophical undertones, and for this year, the museum has invited British curator Mike Stubbs and Taiwanese curator Ming Turner to put together an exhibition themed “Are You Working Now?” exploring the relationship between concepts such as time capital, labour, leisure, entertainment, and economic systems, in people’s lives.

The exhibition is co-curated by British curator Mike Stubbs and Taiwanese curator Ming Turner and invites 13 (groups of) artists across eight countries (including the UK, Taiwan, France, Japan, and Germany) to join in contemplating “What is work?” or “Why work?.” The three sub-categories of the exhibition, “Coal mining to data mining,” “Self-exploitation,” and “Clocking off,” trace the developmental trajectory of the attention economy from individual bodily labour to the capital economy, and then to big data and digital media.

Curator Mike Stubbs is also an artist who has dedicated many years of interdisciplinary research and creative practices to investigating issues such as power, technology, work, and identity in forms including images, performances, and new media installations. Stubbs was the CEO/director of FACT Liverpool and a Professor of Art, Media and Curating at Liverpool John Moores University. Co-curator Ming Turner is an Associate Professor at the National Cheng Kung University Institute of Creative Industries Design, the Director of Visual and Performance Arts at the National Cheng Kung University Art Centre, and the President of the 11th Taiwan Women’s Art Association. Turner has organized over 30 contemporary art exhibitions, and research interests include contemporary visual culture, post-colonialism theories, and new media and techno art, specializing in fields including technology, gender, and the body.

Curators: Mike Stubbs and Ming Turner

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