Aude Herlédan / 1831 Art Gallery
Art Paris 2020
September 10–13, 2020
Grand Palais
Paris, France

Art Paris 2020, the modern and contemporary art fair, is reborn at the Grand Palais from September 10 to 13. It will be the first major cultural event in Europe in 6 months.

The 2020 selection, which brings together some 112 galleries from 15 different countries is also marked by the arrival of new participants such as Perrotin, Yvon Lambert, Templon, Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Gilles Drouault, galerie/multiples, Alain Gutharc or Jean-François Cazeau. A prominent place has also been reserved for a young generation of talented gallerists whose presence bears witness to Art Paris’s vocation as discoverer of talent.

This 22nd edition features two main themes. In the first, guest curator Gaël Charbau has selected 18 artists as part of a subjective and critical overview of the French art scene that is based around the notion of narrative and the juxtaposition of unique and universal stories. The second theme explores the Iberian Peninsula, showcasing Spanish and Portuguese art from the 1950s to the present day.

Art Paris encourages the presentation of monographic exhibitions with twenty-one solo shows this year, while also supporting young galleries and emerging artists in the “Promises” sector that this year features 14 galleries from Abidjan, Brussels, Lima, Lisbon, Sofia, Marseille and Paris.

  • Imran Perretta: tears of the fatherland
    Mar 8 – Jun 9, 2024
    Wien, Austria

    Imran Perretta’s transdisciplinary practice spans moving image, sound, composition, performance art, and poetry. His works examine questions around power, state surveillance, alterity, neo-coloniality, and the process of identity formation in young people of Muslim heritage in Western countries in the post-9/11 era. His approach to these concerns is informed by his own experience: as a British citizen with Muslim roots, he is familiar with the challenges his works grapple with. (more…)

  • Atiéna R. Kilfa: Special Effect
    May 4 – Sep 8, 2024
    Den Frie
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    With Special Effect, Atiéna R. Kilfa presents a new body of works consisting of a short film and two large scale pencil drawings. In continuation of Kilfa’s investigation and restructuring of cinematic archetypes, Special Effect homes in on the nondescript figure of a man sitting at a desk. Shot in black and white, the film eerily evokes a timelessness of the figure by bringing it in resonance with pictorial genres reminiscent of various eras from German Expressionist cinema to the golden age of Hollywood film noir, fast forward to its 4K quality of today. (more…)