ARTPIL / Prescription .107
Look back on 2019
Matthew Hong

We are at the year’s end, 2019. There is not a singularity of form which could define the past twelve months, or any epoch. This year, we have had our part of crisis and tension, distorted visions, along with struggles in identity, politics, and culture.

What a year it has been, as perhaps could be said of any year, seeking equilibrium and clarity. But not without hope. After all, 2019 was also the year of the global protest wave, where people around the world turned to the streets in record numbers.

Promethean fire, water from Sisyphus. Let us remember this day. As Hegel reminds us, the world’s history is not the ground of happiness, for periods of happiness are simply empty pages in our history.

May we continue to live in such interesting times.