Bára Prášilová, The Three of Us, 2020, from the series Circles
Bára Prášilová: Circles

The first comprehensive book by photographer and visual artist Bára Prašilová summarizing her work over the past 15 years. The editor of the book, Thomas Beachdel, characterizes her work as “pictures of wonder” balancing on the edge of beauty and strangeness, reality and fantasy, tenderness and violence, which stems from the author’s sense of the absurd. The imaginative photographs of this visual artist are created as carefully planned productions based on sketches and using props that she designs and often makes herself. They express her desire to bring the world of dreams and illusions into tangible reality. In her work, for which she won a number of international awards, we find a number of motifs that are obsessively repeated not only in her photographs, but also in her videos and objects. The book is published only in English.

Number of pages: 96 (44 photos)
Binding: Swiss with hard boards, sewn
Year of publication: 2022 (1st edition)
Editor: Thomas Beachdel
English translation: Catherine Shiflett
Graphic design: Studio M Nedvěd (mnmnmnmn.studio)
Printing: Tiskárna Helbich, a.s.
ISBN 978-80-87407-38-7

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