Clara Porset, Butaque, c. 1957
Bauhaus and Beyond
MoMA / Collection 1880s–1940s
New York, USA

“A reunion between creative arts and the industrial world” is how architect Walter Gropius described the Bauhaus, the school of art and design he founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany (it later moved to Dessau and then to Berlin). Conceived as a laboratory for radical artistic experimentation, the Bauhaus featured a curriculum that combined instruction in “form problems,” including space, color, and composition, with practical courses in the applied arts, such as metalwork, cabinetmaking, weaving, and typography. Bauhaus design objects typically deployed simple, harmoniously balanced geometries in the service of functional efficiency for the modern home and office.

The Bauhaus closed in 1933 under pressure from the Nazi Party, but its legacy continued abroad, as teachers and students, fleeing political persecution, found employment elsewhere in Europe and in North and South America. This gallery presents works produced at the school during the 14 years it was open, alongside works by former Bauhauslers created in the following decades.

MoMA, Floor 5, 519 / The Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Galleries

  • Zhanna Kadyrova: Border Memory
    Feb 17 – May 5, 2024
    Uppsala Art Museum
    Uppsala, Sweden

    Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova lets urban materials such as asphalt, concrete and tiles bear witness to history’s many layers of rearrangements, visions and shattered dreams. The artist works in a post-minimalist tradition, and the spatial installations refer both to utopian movements and to how abstraction in art is linked to the modern project. Since Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022, Kadyrova’s art has focused entirely on psychological and sociological aspects of the war. (more…)

  • Karla Hiraldo Voleau: Another Love Story

    A year. That’s how long it’s been since Karla Hiraldo Voleau’s exhibition Another Love Story first opened at the MEP in Paris in 2022. A year is also the timeframe of the story chronicled in that project – a love story personal to KHV, which shifts abruptly from its climax to its end when she discovers that X, her lover, is leading a double life – a revelation that prompts the artist to question her certainties. (more…)

  • Patrick Pound: Windows

    In Windows, Pound’s first photobook with Perimeter Editions, we find a cross-section of images lifted from a single category in Pound’s vast collection of 70,000 photographs. Each of the ‘found’ photographs in this new book features a window seen from the outside. We are allowed to look through them, from the privacy of our own homes. We see ghostly figures and happy families; we see actors acting, and everyday folks acting up; we see real and imagined worlds. (more…)

  • Patrick Weldé: Freiheit
    Goswell Road

    On the occasion of our exhibition with Weldé at CFAlive Milan L’AMOUR TOUJOURS, we publish a new edition of the previously sold-out book that we produced with Weldé in 2017, FREIHEIT. All of the photographs in FREIHEIT were taken by Weldé on disposable cameras between 2011-2015. They show a tender side to the artist and his friend circle, and the purest form of trust. (more…)

  • The Phair / Photo Art Fair
    May 3–5, 2024
    Turin, Italy

    The Phair – a neologism that is a manifesto, synthesis of Photography and Fair – is an annual event dedicated to photography. The Phair is addressed to some of the leading contemporary art galleries – and not necessarily only to those already specialized in photography – that, on the occasion of the fair, showcase an artistic project related to the theme of the image and art works created with photographic or video material. (more…)