Joost Schmidt, Form and Color Study, ca. 1929–1930
Bauhaus Beginnings
Jun 11 – Oct 13, 2019
Getty Museum / Getty Center
Los Angeles, USA

The exhibition considers the school’s early dedication to spiritual expression and its development of a curriculum based on elements deemed fundamental to all forms of artistic practice. Artists Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Lothar Schreyer, among others.

Almost mythic in status, the Bauhaus is seen as one of the most influential schools of art and design of the twentieth century. Established in 1919, the Bauhaus sought to erode distinctions among crafts, the fine arts, and architecture through a program of study centered on practical experience and diverse theories. Until the school’s forced closure by the Nazi regime in 1933, students and masters worked with a variety of traditional and experimental media and continually re-conceived the role of art and design in contemporary society. Despite its relatively brief, itinerant existence, the Bauhaus occupies an outsize position in the cultural imaginary.