Shirin Neshat, Land of Dreams, 2019 Courtesy of the artist and Gladstone Gallery © Shirin Neshat
Mar 18 – Jun 18, 2023
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Hiroshima, Japan

It is with great pleasure that the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art presents Before/After, a special exhibition commemorating the completion of a major renovation project at the museum that was conducted over a period of some two years and three months. The exhibition, employing the entire facility as a display venue, provides us with an opportunity to introduce a complete view of the museum, including important aspects that have been retained and others that have been changed. The post-renovation building includes a number of alterations. This has served as an impetus to examine a wide range of before-and-after phenomena and situations. For example, while age-related changes in material and deterioration would normally be viewed negatively, we have intentionally taken a positive approach to them. Meanwhile, although atomic power was utilized as a nuclear weapon, it was later believed that the technology would bring about greater global prosperity as a source of energy. In reviewing history, we come to realize that there were several events, decisions, and changes that can be seen as turning points in this process. Through the artists’ keen eyes and historical perspectives, this exhibition will examine the before and after as well as the in-between and overlapping elements in a variety of subjects. By inviting a group of artists whose practices seemed well suited to inquiries of this kind, we have arrived at an exhibition combining works that were selected from the museum collection with new works that the artists made specifically for this occasion. These before-and-after experiences are certain to trigger some kind of change within you, if only a very slight one. This and much more awaits you at the new Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • Fumi Nagasaka: Dora, Yerkwood, Walker County, Alabama

    During the 2016 US Presidential elections Japanese photographer, Fumi Nagasaka, became intrigued by the rural and southern USA. She had lived in New York City for a decade but despite travelling the world, had yet to visit the rest of the US. All this changed when her friend, Tanya Rouse, invited her to her hometown of Dora, Alabama. Nagasaka continued to visit Dora over several years, gradually building a photographic archive of her visits. (more…)

  • Rodrigo Morales: 91 East
    Jun 1 – Aug 11, 2024
    GCAC / Grand Central Art Center
    Santa Ana, USA

    In the 1980s, a mere 234 warehouses dotted the landscape of the Inland Empire. Today, over 4,000 logistic centers have been implanted across the region in a rapid movement to bring commerce to the region. Once identified by its untouched land, the area has become enveloped by the sprawling network of warehouses that define the region’s skyline. As this part of Southern California quickly becomes the backbone of America’s road-based supply chain, it simultaneously introduces many repercussions to the daily lives of communities that call the Inland Empire home. (more…)

  • Prisma Art Prize 2024
    Deadline Aug 3, 2024
    Prisma Art Prize

    Prisma Art Prize is an art contest born to promote emerging painters and visual artists. As our name and logo suggests, we want to be a prism that refracts all the possible outcomes of the painting process. What we want is to answer a fundamental question in the current artistic context: what does painting mean today? At the base of our project, there is the constant and inclusive research and enhancement of artists from different cultural and educational backgrounds. (more…)

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