Tong Wenmin, Flicking, 2022. Performance, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China
Being Theoria: Hangzhou Triennial
Oct 18 – Dec 4, 2022
Zhejiang Art Museum
Hangzhou, China

The 4th Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art is scheduled to open at Zhejiang Art Museum on October 18 of 2022. The theme is Being Theoria.

Connecting and weaving multiple thoughts, the theme conveys inspirations that the curatorial team acquired from fiber/textile and in turn the redefinition and re-interpretations of art: the way that art – as a special product of unique behavior and imagination – occurs and exists may be essentially distinct from that of stable, solid materiality in real life (such as products and merchandise), which is a kind of “Being Theoria.”

It often wanders between being and non–being, as something is on the way into existence. The inspiration is like an aura, and a mystical uncertainty always emerges in the course of art-creation. Things that are presently “useless,” “nameless” or even “meaningless” will be brought to life in the name of art. They stay weakly and temporarily in a “cached” space, a nebulous space in between “being” and “non-being.”

This space is just like the layer between clothing (fabric) and the human body, which matters to the storage of heat that we need to survive – take the era we are in now, where a 3 seconds face-to-face encounter with someone defines “close contact” – the gap left between the mask and face: hidden, unstable while intimate and protective, constitutes a milieu that is vital to survival.

It is the core concern of the 4th Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art: the “fiber/textile” as an ancient invention of human beings, which constitutes the archetype and universal metaphor of human thoughts.

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