Silke Schönfeld
Beyond All Reasonable Measure
Silke Schönfeld
KIT / May 1 – Aug 15, 2021
Dusseldorf, Germany

In spring 2021, KIT – Kunst im Tunnel will host a solo exhibition by the artist Silke Schönfeld. Silke Schönfeld’s film productions are political reflections that often take place in unexpected spatial and temporal relationships. She asks questions about the origin of stereotypes and prejudices, as well as the resulting responsibility of the individual, without having a moral effect on the viewers. Instead, she makes use of ambiguities, investigates the authenticity of moving images, and moves viewers into the blurred area between acting and documentary. Schönfeld is planning large scale installations for KIT which allow viewers to immerse themselves in her cinematic spaces.

Curated by Gertrud Peters

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