Brandon Tay, Language As Time’s Shadow: A Brief History of Synchrocognition, 2023
Brandon Tay: Form & Agency
Aug 26 – Oct 1, 2023
Yeo Workshop

Yeo Workshop is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Brandon Tay, a Singaporean artist whose practice is concerned with the emergent complexities related to digital materials. Primarily working through digital media, mediated sculptures, and the moving image, Tay’s works often complicate the distinctions between the tangible and the incorporeal, whilst addressing and contending with the relationality of their complex natures.

Curated by digital curator Rafi Abdullah, Form & Agency marks Brandon Tay’s inaugural solo exhibition. It introduces a fresh body of work that delves into the material nature of the digital realm. The exhibition features five 3D-printed sculptures and an immersive gallery environment that offers live simulations from virtual ecosystems, which can also be accessed online. The exhibition operates on three levels: the physical sculptures in the gallery, the virtual components of the artworks, and an interactive game simulation. These layers operate both independently and in connection with one another.

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