Annette Bellamy, Long Lines, 2010
Browngrotta Arts / Volume 50
3 Decades of Fiber Art
browngrotta arts / Sep 12–20, 2020
Wilton CT, USA

browngrotta arts is pleased to present Volume 50: Chronicling Fiber Art for Three Decades – an exhibit highlighting works by 50 important artists of Modern Craft in celebration of the publication of their 50th catalog.

Artists include Laura Ellen Bacon, James Bassler, Annette Bellamy, Lia Cook, Mary Merkel-Hess, Simone Pheulpin, John McQueen, and Aleksandra Stoyanov, among others.

A forerunner in the field, browngrotta arts has been researching, documenting and raising awareness of fiber art through bi-annual exhibitions and publishing catalogs for over 30 years. Featuring 172 artists, the catalogs have collectively recorded a narrative of Modern Craft providing a rare historical insight and a unique chronicle of an often-overlooked art field that is currently being reappraised and appreciated with recent surveys at the Tate London, the MoMA, and the Whitney Museum.

  • Anna Weyant: The Guitar Man
    Oct 18 – Dec 22, 2023
    Paris, France

    Gagosian is pleased to announce The Guitar Man, an exhibition by Anna Weyant opening on October 18, 2023, at 9 rue de Castiglione, Paris. This is the New York–based artist’s European solo debut and follows her first presentation with the gallery, Baby, It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over, at Gagosian, New York, in 2022. Named for a song by Los Angeles soft rock band Bread, The Guitar Man features new figure and still-life paintings (more…)

  • The NEST Collective. Stories of Our Lives
    Sep 30, 2023 – Feb 4, 2024
    Athens, Greece

    EMΣΤ is pleased to present Stories of Our Lives: in Search of Queer Sanctuaries, a site-specific installation by the multi-disciplinary Nest Collective created especially for the Museum. Through their long-term engagement with Kenya’s queer and cross-identity community, the collective has witnessed the violent, discriminatory treatment that Kenyan, African and Black people continue to face, the resistance and strategies deployed to counter it, as well as the collective, eternal determination to hope and fight for a better future and equal rights. (more…)