Candida Höfer
Candida Höfer
Sep 18 – Nov 8, 2020
Kukje Gallery
Busan, South Korea

Kukje Gallery is pleased to present Candida Höfer, a solo exhibition of the internationally celebrated artist on view at Kukje Gallery Busan. The exhibition will be Höfer’s fifth solo presentation with the gallery following Spaces of Enlightenment in 2018 and marks the artist’s first solo show in Busan. Over the course of her distinguished career, Höfer has photographed the interiors of many of the world’s most culturally significant public spaces with a keen focus on libraries, theaters, and museums. The eponymous show will present an incisively curated group of old and new works offering insight into the artist’s extensive practice and showcasing her skill in capturing not only the visual, but also the historical richness of her subjects.

In juxtaposing these old and new images, the exhibition allows viewers to reflect on the passage of time for not only the spaces, but also for the artist. Höfer’s multifaceted portrayal of space infuses social roles and historical context along with the distillation of a passage of time unbeknownst to the viewer, extending beyond determining the era or period during which the space was constructed. Her documentation confronts the historical layers that form certain features of a space and indicates how it exists in present times after all these years. For Höfer, photography is an ideal medium that allows her to directly experience and engage with the abstract dimensions of space and time which constitute her work.

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