Cansu Cürgen & Avşar Gürpınar, When Pigs Fly, 2023
Cansu Cürgen & Avşar Gürpınar: When Pigs Fly
Apr 23 – Dec 23, 2023
Yanköşe Project
Istanbul, Turkey

Yanköşe, contemporary art project opens up a space of expression for artists who produce unexpected, experimental contemporary artworks. Yanköşe aims to host the works of two different artists every year, and is among the few public art projects in Turkey. Yanköşe reaches thousands of people every day because of its location in the city. Invited artists produce work proposals that respond to and consider the characteristics of the space. In addition to the potential it offers as a site of encounter, a visible part of the city and its easy accessibility, Yanköşe also stands out for the fact that the exhibited works are temporary, and do not have a commercial motive. The dynamic space Yanköşe presents is open to the works of local and international artists produced with different techniques.

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In the project When Pigs Fly, designed by Cansu Cürgen and Avşar Gürpınar for Yanköşe, the Ambiguous Standards of Time appear on LED signs, which we all become closely familiar with from daily life. Time may be measured, expressed, and fragmented, precisely with tools such as chronometers and alarm clocks or more coarsely with hourglasses and egg timers. The relativity of time is not solely within the purview of the sciences but is contingent on cultural context; time can also be manifested through relational perception and cultural connotations. As Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar writes in The Time Regulation Institute, “The clock itself is space, its ticking is time, its setting is human. This shows that time and space coexist with humans.” Located in Kabataş, one of the busiest spots in Istanbul, the installation challenges the viewers to question their perception of time. In this bustling crossroad where different modes of transportation intersect and people and vehicles are constantly in a hurry, the daily fragments of time, whose mathematical translation is almost impossible, flicker, drift, flow, intersect, and flash.

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  • Artadia Awards 2024
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