Adina Mocanu, Being Nina, 2019–2021 / Installation view Photo Kunsthalle Bega, Vlad Cîndea
Chronicles of the Future Superheroes
Oct 2 – Mar 20, 2022
Kunsthalle Bega
Timisoara, Romania

The exhibition Chronicles of the Future Superheroes is based on the book by the American inventor Ray Kurzweil, Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine, which follows the efforts of a young woman to solve the great global problems with the help of knowledge and technology.

The twelve artists selected to enter the conversation with Danielle start from the interest in exploring the unknown or from the idea of play(fulness), aiming to extrapolate personal experiences in relation to the future. The positions presented in the exhibition are the result of hybrid practices, at the border between visuality, architecture, choreography, engineering and performance. Equally, the exhibition outlines the idea of a meta-community located outside of global dystopia, at a point where geographical regions (Southeast Asia and Southeast Europe) and digital channels intersect, sometimes creating chaos and in other circumstances, a stability as contagious as it is oppressive.

The Chronicles of the Future Superheroes, a project conceived over the past two years, works as a device that aims to analyze the function of art in relation to a young audience that is looking for answers to questions about the passage of time and aging, the future of the planet, the relationship with the paranormal or the balance between local and global. The program of performances and workshops is focused on the relationship between the individual and the community, the architecture of the exhibition space coming to support this working formula.

Curated by Anca Verona Mihulet

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