Jo Cosme, Awardee Winter 2023 Grant Cycle
Circ Artist Grants / Open Call
Deadline Oct 15, 2023
Circ Artist Grants

The Circ Artist Grants are open to emerging, mid-career, and professional artists in an international open call, several times throughout the year. The Circ Artist Grant provides unrestricted funding to artists with a demonstrated commitment to their art. For the Fall 2023 cycle, three artists will be awarded $1000 each to enhance and further their creative practice.

11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, on October 15, 2023.

Application Fee
$25 non-refundable application fee.

Emerging, mid-career, and mature artists are eligible and encouraged to apply. Once an artist is awarded a Circ Artist Grant, they will not be eligible to apply again for two years.

Circ Artist Grant is open to the following mediums of visual art; oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, sculpture, fiber, wood, glass, ceramics, and digital art. Video and film are not eligible for consideration.

The application requires 3-6 images of your work and a brief artist statement. Submission is made through CaFÉ, a free web-based service for artists,

Notification will be via email on November 5, 2023, and all who submit will be notified of their results. Notification emails are sent to the email on file with CaFÉ.

Artpil periodically publishes submitted announcements of outside opportunities we do not administer. We recommend researching further prior to submitting, especially if entry fees are required.