Audrey Blue, This Hurts, 2024
Circulation(s) 2024
Apr 6 – Jun 2, 2024
Circulation(s) / Centquatre-Paris
Paris, France

The 14th edition of the Circulation(s) festival once again resonates with the pulsations and demands of emerging European photography. This year’s selection is punctuated by an unprecedented fluidity and an ever-stronger predilection for experimentation.

The 24 artists, from 14 different countries, rethink the image. It evolves seamlessly from still to animated, emanating from old techniques and artificial intelligence, seizing on historical and popular sources, digital or archival, personal and universal. Media and genres are porous too: literature and photography intermingle, performance and gesture feed or stretch the narrative, and video creates combinations and complementarities.

  • Georg Kussmann: FRG

    The German dramatist Heiner Müller observed that German history lies as if smothered by a rheumatism blanket: beneath there is warmth and stagnation, just enough to give the impression all is well, while the peripheries are freezing. Georg Kussmann’s photographs in FRG were created under this metaphoric blanket. Made in the Federal Republic of Germany over a single summer, they depict everyday scenes of life, work, and leisure (more…)

  • UNIQUE. Beyond Photography
    Apr 19 – Jun 8, 2024
    Brussels, Belgium

    In the UNIQUE exhibition, we explore 21 projects by artists, half of whom are under 40 and based in Belgium. What unites them is the creative gesture. It’s no longer just the photographic perspective, but the manual labor that is celebrated here. Establishing this physical connection with the artwork results in the creation of unique pieces that defy the norms of analog photography and oppose the reproducibility of digital photography. (more…)