Giorgio Andreotta Calò / Courtesy of Pirelli HangarBicocca
CITTADIMILANO / Giorgio Andreotta Calò
Feb 14 – Jul 21, 2019
Pirelli HangarBicocca
Milan, Italy

CITTÀDIMILANO brings together for the first time a wide selection of sculptural works by Giorgio Andreotta Calò. The artist conceived the exhibition display, transforming the Shed into a fluid environment in which the visitor can “navigate” and create his own reading through the many links and references between the exhibited works, which together form an archipelago of symbolic elements and connotations, each linked to a particular geographical context.

Among the contexts evoked, the city of Milan provides one of the central premises of the exhibition, which Andreotta Calò presents as a real yet also imaginary place. In particular, the prelude – Senza titolo (Jona) (2019), the video visitors encounter entering the show – and Città di Milano (2019), the large photographic print that acts as a backdrop, offer a sublimated vision of the city.