Claire Tabouret, Paysages d'intérieurs (noir), 2021
Claire Tabouret: Paysages D’Intérieurs
Oct 16 – Dec 18, 2021
Paris, France

Perrotin presents new landscape paintings by Claire Tabouret. Transposing her chromatic system, they are singular in that they were painted on colored synthetic fur. The artist explores various photographic sources and sets her sight on reproducing the landscapes of Giorgio Morandi, Pierre Bonnard, and Ferdinand Hodler. The artist brings tension to her painting through this technical constraint, aspiring to balance her iconography and its pictorial and material incarnation according to technical-poetic variations.

The particularity of the landscape paintings shown here is that they were executed on colored synthetic fur and were referred to by the artist in her Los Angeles studio as “fluffy landscape paintings.” Their imposing size suggests something more like a thwarted approach to painting, between sensuality and the roughness of the material. Tabouret likes to test her technique, her fluency against new constraints.

For this exhibition, we might speak of a dialectic of contrary gestures: confronted with these vast landscapes painted over time, with returns and an emphasis on these obdurate supports, she deploys a series of monotypes of flowers that are fluid and refined.

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