Christiane Feser, T_04, 2021
Coded Echoes / Christiane Feser
Aug 7 – Sep 9, 2021
68 Projects / Galerie Kornfeld
Berlin, Germany

Galerie Kornfeld’s 68 Projects is pleased to present the solo exhibition Coded Echoes by German artist Christiane Feser. Within the works of Feser the viewer is presented with an array of visual phenomena. Confronted with an illusionary understanding of what is presented on the “photographic” surface, what Feser’s photo-objects really invite is an investigative relation to the world which encourages aesthetic awareness and changing perspectives.

As the two-dimensional pictorial spaces of her images meet the transformed layers of three-dimensionality, we find ourselves as viewers in a vibrant and dynamic structure of new possibilities. Here, within the multi-layered cast shadows, her hybrid works allow for a reexamination of the meanings of images and materiality.

Trained as an artist focussing on photography as a medium, Feser’s strength lies in her command of light and shadow. After creating compositions out of folded paper, she uses a variety of light sources to add specific shadows to the folded forms which go through another stage of being photographed.

In addition to new works from the ongoing series Partitionen and Nullpunkte the exhibition also shows works from the new series HOLO. Here, Feser reinterprets the old silhouette technique, a precursor of photographic images, and combines it with images of cast shadows.