Simone-Bramante Photography 2023
Sep 22–24, 2023
Milan, Italy Photography is an event of contemporary photography that brings together over 150 photographers from around the world, each participating with their own shot. The main objective of this event is to create a continuous and intimate dialogue between the artists and the visitors, offering the audience the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the diversity and beauty of contemporary photographic art, experiencing different styles and suggestions on an emotional journey.

ImageNation Milan
After Paris and New York, ImageNation returns to Milan with 72 international authors who have chosen photography as their expressive means to explore contemporaneity and translate it according to their aesthetic research, in perpetual change and hybridization. An invitation to a suspended world, between reality and imagination, which exists only in the dialogue between the storyteller’s lens and the observer’s eyes.

Just Women
Rebellion, beauty standards, motherhood, the female body, religion, politics, history, and freedom. Just Women returns to Milan with 26 international female photographers who have decided to step out of their comfort zone, giving shape to a new language and a new perspective far from stereotypes, beyond conventions, and gender limits.

Iconic Photo Show
Between fashion photography and creative portraiture, ICONIC Artist Magazine presents its new collection in Milan during the days of Fashion Week. ICONIC is a source of images and ideas, a charge of inspiration and creative energy, a new stimulus for the eyes and soul.