One of the ProtoDUNE neutrino detectors at CERN. Photo: Julien Ordan & Maximilien Brice ©CERN
Collide Copenhagen 2023 / Residency
Deadline May 8, 2023
Copenhagen Contemporary / CERN

CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva, and Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) are proud to collaborate in the framework of the Collide residency award. Established in 2012, Collide is the international residency award that brings arts and science together in collaboration with leading cultural institutions in Europe.

Collide is an annual residency programme for artists with distinct interest in science and technology, and with a strong motivation for dialoguing with scientists and engineers from different fields. The goal is to invite artists to immerse themselves in the Laboratory’s communities and to engage in a close dialogue with scientists, engineers, and staff at CERN in Geneva and in the context of Copenhagen Contemporary.

For the first edition and the following annual calls, Arts at CERN and the CC are inviting artists to reflect on the impact of science and research in contemporary culture. Proposal that consider the role of advanced technologies and novel scientific models as major topics in society are welcome. Collide is especially reaching for artistic proposals that reflect on themes such as artificial intelligence, the modelling and analysis of vast datasets, the emergence of quantum technologies, and their interpretation from philosophical and ethical standpoints.

The artists selected for the 2023–2025 editions will be invited to take part in an ambitious exhibition at CC in 2025, investigating technology’s impact on humanity.
Artists from any country in the world are invited to submit an application proposing a project that combines research and production of a new work to develop during a two-months residency. The residency will be split in two periods, the first month at CERN and the second month in Copenhagen. The scope of this proposal will include a research period in both locations, and a posterior development phase to define and produce a new artwork, with the curatorial support of both curatorial teams in Geneva and Copenhagen.

Artpil periodically publishes submitted announcements of outside opportunities we do not administer. We recommend researching further prior to submitting, especially if entry fees are required.
  • Helen Cammock: I Will Keep My Soul

    Convening polyphonous voices from past and present, I Will Keep My Soul is an orchestral layering of photography, historical documents, poetry and interviews, all rooted in the social history, geography and community of New Orleans. In this prismatic artist’s book, UK-based artist Helen Cammock traverses the city, rendering her observations and encounters into reverberant texts and percipient photographic images that tender the city’s invisible histories. (more…)