Anna Witt, Bond, 2023 / Courtesy of the artist and gallery Tanja Wagner, Berlin
Comment Se Raconter
Sep 8, 2023 – Jan 28, 2024
49 Nord 6 Est / Frac Lorraine
Metz, France

To tell your own story (Comment se raconter) brings together stories from behind the scenes of grand history, from society’s margins. The featured artists come from different horizons; they share stories through videos, sculptures, letters, and images. In our post-truth age, we are witnessing a fragmentation of collective narratives. Contested by emancipatory movements, the age-old channels for disseminating shared narratives – such as education and mass media – are losing their aura and authority. This transformation has allowed a much broader expression of feelings and emotions in the public arena; while a rallying point for some, it also remains a space of exclusion for those who not feel empowered to express themselves on its stage.

Artists: Anna Witt, Gaia Vincensini, Zehra Doğan, Rahima Gambo, Rory Pilgrim, Tony Cokes.