Anna-Eva Bergman
Cosmic Trip
May 1 – Sep 29, 2023
Fondation Hartung-Bergman
Antibes, France

The Hartung-Bergman Foundation presents in its villa-workshop in Antibes an exhibition devoted to the cosmic visions and more generally to the dreamed relationships with the sciences of Hans Hartung (1904–1989) and Anna-Eva Bergman (1909–1987).

Through a wide choice of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and archives, it allows you to better understand the plastic processes of the two artists, in particular their compositional use of the golden ratio, and to have a hypnotic or even hallucinatory experience in front of certain of their masterpieces, including the tablecloths of T1973-R32 which one would think were directly inspired by Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001.

It must be said that the works of Anna-Eva Bergman and Hans Hartung have often been characterized by the term cosmic. Which is quite logical when we know that both of them shared a taste for everything that exceeded earthly limits and that this also contributed to their visual vocabulary, in which we constantly feel forces that tear themselves away from gravity, scales that get confused, worlds that are born and die.

The Cosmic Trip exhibition, in addition to unfolding on the walls of the Foundation, is part of a broader program devoted to the links between science and abstraction, a program punctuated by seminars, conferences, various publications and which mobilized specialists from several disciplines in 2022 and 2023. Among them, Étienne Klein, who is kind to us and has the honor of casting his eyes as an eminent physicist on Hartung and Bergman in the catalog that accompanies the event.

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