Daniel Pitín
Daniel Pitín / A Paper Tower
Sep 26 – Dec 29, 2019
Galerie Rudolfinum
Prague, Czech Republic

Czech artist Daniel Pitín is one of the leading personalities of his generation and an exceptional painting talent. A Paper Tower, an exhibition of more than thirty paintings, showcases a cross-section of his work with an emphasis on more recent works. The paintings are complemented by films, some of which have been created specifically for the exhibition, and which accentuate some aspects of Pitín’s painting and, at the same time, give the audience a glimpse into his sources of inspiration.

A Paper Tower somehow shows my relationship with the world of the media and the world of information in which we are constantly present, and which creates a certain relative space. It is as if space is made of paper, which pretends to be reality, but at the same time, it can only be an illusion of reality. This line between the illusion of reality and reality is important in my work and I have been exploring it over time. And I address this limit with the exhibition.” –Daniel Pitín