Daniel Schwartz, from Tracings. Photography and Thought, 2023
Daniel Schwartz. Tracings
Sep 30, 2023 – Feb 4, 2024
Kunstmuseum Luzern
Luzern, Switzerland

Daniel Schwartz (*1955) travels to hot spots, the world’s crisis regions. He meticulously photographs situations others looks away from. The Swiss photographer is a tracker, who is now setting out on the trail of his own work. For the exhibition Tracings he is opening his archive, with its extensive range of images from the past 50 years, and showing unpublished treasures. Daniel Schwartz also follows trails in his images: sad remains of disappearing glaciers all over the world, Khmer soldiers marching along a mined road in Cambodia, an empty niche left by the Buddha statues in Bamyan destroyed by the Taliban or irrigation tunnels in the Chinese desert which Uyghurs were forced to dig. In doing so the photographer adopts an involved attitude, never showing up the people he portrays under such difficult circumstances. Schwartz’ photographs, all of them analogue and most of them black-and-white, testify to the critical eye he casts on the brutality of reality.

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