Darkest Hour / Directed by Thomas Ralph
Darkest Hour
Brexit and the British youth
Directed by Thomas Ralph

Darkest Hour, this pearl of stylish and emotive documentary was directed by Thomas Ralph, just after the initial Brexit referendum nearly three years ago before the laborious path in which it was to embark. It continues to resonate today, more than ever.

With the fallout of twice extending the UK’s Brexit deadline and the British House of Commons thrice rejecting the Prime Minister’s proposals, Theresa May’s resignation comes at a time which leaves the their position in increased uncertainty, and Brexit negotiations no closer to being called a deal.

Thomas Ralph describes, “This film seeks to portray, listen and understand the generation to be most affected and for whom the situation was decided without them, the British youth.”

Darkest Hour / Directed by Thomas Ralph
Winner, Homespun Yarns 2016.
Producer, Nadira Amrani / Executive Producer, Ore Okonedo
Cinematographer, Joseph Alexander Guy
Editor, Paul O’reilly
Music, Lyves, “Darkest Hour”