Darren Almond, Katsura Night Fall III, 2021
Darren Almond / Dark Light
Mar 20 – Jun 4, 2021
Galerie Max Hetzler
Paris, France

Galerie Max Hetzler is pleased to announce the solo exhibition Dark Light with new paintings and works on paper by Darren Almond.

British artist Darren Almond works in a variety of media, spanning photography, film, installation, sculpture and painting. His diverse subjects deal with abstract ideas of time, space, history and memory, and how these concepts relate and intersect. Unearthing the symbolic and emotional potential of objects, places and situations, the artist produces works charged with historical as well as personal resonance.

For his second show with the gallery in Paris, Almond will present a selection of new paintings and works on paper inspired by the “Great Conjunction,” a rare astronomical phenomenon that recently took place in one of its most remarkable iterations in December 2020. Steeped in mythology, this celestial event occurs approximately every twenty years, when Jupiter and Saturn appear closest together in the sky. On the night of the Great Conjunction of 2020, the two planets shared the most intimate nocturnal proximity since 1226, appearing as a unified, gigantic and extraordinary star defying perception, space and time.