Dennis Del Favero, Penumbra 1.0., 2022
Dennis Del Favero: Viscera
Sep 13 – Oct 14, 2023
Recontemporary / Cavallerizza
Turin, Italy

Recontemporary, an independent space for video art, in collaboration with Paratissima and Cavallerizza Reale, presents VISCERA, the first solo exhibition in Italy by the Australian artist Dennis Del Favero. Seven technologically advanced video artworks that delve into the relationship between human and nature, incorporating motion tracking, 3D video, and artificial intelligence, divided between Recontemporary and the spaces of Cavallerizza Reale in Turin.The dictionary defines as “viscera” the innermost part of the human body, animal or earth itself. Similarly, Dennis Del Favero’s exhibition explores the most intimate, concealed, and internal aspects of nature and how humans engage with it.

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Monumental videos immerse the viewer first in a fire, then in a stormy sea, thanks to the use of special glasses developed through the advanced technological research of the iCinema Center in Sydney. The audience is thus compelled to confront the human sense of helplessness in the face of an ongoing change, too immense for a single individual to grasp. However, the exhibition inspires us to act. Impossibility is dissolved by the realization that, despite being small particles of the whole, as in Nebula or Slipstream, as a community we are capable of giving rise to movements and actions. A shared commitment can therefore help us in improving the future and seeking solutions for a more harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

The advanced technologies produced by the iCinema Center under the artist’s direction allow the message to be expressed in an imposing way. The extreme precision and technological innovation of the softwares employed allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the monumental projections and images of Dennis Del Favero’s work, experiencing first-hand the power of a rebellious Nature and humanity’s fleeting presence within it.