Imogen Stidworthy / Sascha
Dialogues with People / Imogen Stidworthy
Oct 27, 2018 – Jan 13, 2019
WKV Stuttgart
Stuttgart, Germany

The WKV Stuttgart is presenting the first solo exhibition in Germany by the British artist Imogen Stidworthy. With her films and installations, Stidworthy asks how social relationship takes shape when words fail, are unstable, or absent. What other forms of meaning and communication emerge at the borders of language?

Stidworthy’s work grapples with the impossibility of glimpsing language from the outside. She works with people whose relationship with language is radically affected, for example, by training or staging the voice, or conditions such as aphasia or autism. Through encounters on the level of the interpersonal, her work resonates with ideas and experiences of difference on the wider scale of sociocultural conditions.