Diango Hernández, Nadia, 2023
Diango Hernández. Cantos de Sirenas
Nov 9 – Dec 31, 2023
Wizard Gallery
Milan, Italy

Wizard Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition, Cantos de Sirenas by Cuban artist Diango Hernández (Cuba, 1970), featuring his latest paintings and drawings. Known for his thought-provoking works that explore themes of identity and cultural displacement, Hernandez’s pieces will take the audience on a journey through his unique perspective.

Hernández’s latest paintings blend abstract and figurative elements, imbued with what he calls Olaismo, the language of the sea. Informed by the rhythms and moods of the ocean, his artworks evoke a sense of fluidity and movement that draws viewers deep into their captivating depths. Through his unique artistic vision, Hernández invites us to explore the beauty and mystery of the world’s natural wonders, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all life and the irresistible allure of the sea.

The ethereal song of the sirens wafts through the salty sea breeze, drawing sailors towards rocky shores. Alluring images of mermaids and sea creatures dance in the minds of those hypnotized by their seductive tunes. The crashing waves provide a rhythmic background to their haunting melodies as sailors lose themselves in the hypnotic beauty of the siren’s song. The images of danger and allure intermingle, weaving a complex web that is impossible to resist. The sea holds many secrets, and the sirens’ song is one of its most alluring mysteries.

Hernández’s latest artworks, including paintings, drawings and sculptures, will showcase his fervour for diverse forms of expression. The pieces highlight his penchant for combining various styles, techniques and mediums to create an eclectic visual language. With his mastery of different expressive media, Hernández offers viewers a fresh, innovative experience that blends classic and contemporary elements. The artworks captivate audiences with their unique and dynamic approach to art-making.

Diango Hernandez. Cantos de Sirenas
Wizard Gallery
Milan, Italy

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