The Skinny Type, Narcissus Dreams with Kyle
Discerning Eye / ING
Through December 31, 2020
Online / International

“The splashes of bright rainbows which are still in windows around the country – some chalked upon pavements and walls – are testament to how much we need art to express ourselves, to signify meaning and to provide hope…”

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that creativity provides joy, solace and fun in an increasingly fraught world,” says Jo Baring, Director of the Ingram Collection. She is also a selector for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition – an annual show dedicated to championing emerging artists. Baring is keen to emphasize the importance of imagination right now.

This message is at the heart of the 2020 ING Discerning Eye exhibition, which launches as museums and galleries close their doors once again. Crucially, the show is accessible from home – coming to our screens via a new virtual format. In an unprecedented year, the ING Discerning Eye exhibition offers a presentation like never before. Moving online means room for more artworks – culminating in an unmatched platform showcasing over 1,000 pieces by 600 creatives from all disciplines: photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, print and more. It will be live for six weeks; audiences can log on and be inspired by a wealth of talent right through until the New Year.

  • Helena Uambembe: On the site of the Okavango
    Jun 7 – Jul 28, 2024
    Galerie Anton Janizewski
    Berlin, Germany

    The Okavango River demarcates the border between Angola and Namibia across a stretch of more than 400 kilometers. This boundary between the two countries is fortified by the thousands of crocodiles that live in the river. The uncle of Angolan-South African artist Helena Uambembe also once guarded this border. After fleeing civil war-torn Angola, he and the rest of Uambembe’s family lived on the southern side of the Okavango in what was then South West Africa as part of the 32nd Regiment of the South African Apartheid Army (more…)

    Apr 12 – Dec 31, 2024
    Sapieha Palace
    Vilnius, Lithuania

    The inaugural exhibition of the Sapieha Palace seeks to unfold the spirit and history of the palace itself, as well as the diverse narratives surrounding its past. The works on displays and their arrangement act as a soft, transparent layer placed over the palace spaces, having been painted and repainted multiple times. The spatial and conceptual interaction thus reveals the previous and ongoing influence of a multitude of forces. (more…)

  • Justinien Tribillon: Visible upon Breakdown
    Spector Books

    The space in which we live is determined by currents, by transitions. However, we are so used to moving around in this hypermodern world that we don’t even notice the currents that make up our lives. They are invisible, hidden in plain sight – until they collapse. The war in Ukraine is preventing the export of wheat, Covid-19 and timber shortages are making themselves felt in construction projects all over the world: These events are not just human tragedies, they are also an urgent reminder of global dependencies. (more…)

  • Francis Alÿs: Ricochets
    Jun 27 – Sep 1, 2024
    Barbican Centre
    London, UK

    A new immersive exhibition celebrating the universality and ingenuity of play: Ricochets is the largest institutional show in the UK by internationally renowned artist Francis Alÿs in almost 15 years. For the past two decades, Alÿs has travelled around the world to film the critically acclaimed series Children’s Games: from ‘musical chairs’ in Mexico, to ‘leapfrog’ in Iraq, ‘jump rope’ in Hong Kong, and ‘wolf and lamb’ in Afghanistan. (more…)

  • Dia Center
    New York / Beacon, USA
    Featured Profile

    Dia Center was founded in New York City in 1974 by Philippa de Menil, Heiner Friedrich, and Helen Winkler to help artists achieve visionary projects that might not otherwise be realized because of scale or scope. To suggest the institution’s role in enabling such ambitions, they selected the name “Dia,” taken from the Greek word meaning “through.” (more…)

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