Jan 19 – Mar 9, 2023
Nicodim Gallery
New York, USA

DISEMBODIED builds and continues conversations around the violence, ecstasy, and epiphany within out-out-body experiences as-seen from the perspective of those on the ground – the leaps of faith we take to believe those who say their souls depart while their bodies remain. The works in the exhibition cover a wide swath of allegorical and tangible disembodied states, including the spiritual, the telegraphic, the psychedelic, the dissociative-induced, artificial intelligences, and alien encounters.

The first time I took acid was the first time I kissed a boy. I was twelve, he was fifteen. He held it on his tongue, I touched mine to his, and then we took turns trading tongues and mouths back-and-forth, back-and-forth. It wasn’t long (or it could have been days) before my spirit left my body, and I was watching my hands caress his neck, his tug at my shirt and pull my hair. What would my friends say if they saw my body now? What would my parents think? Is this fun? Is it frightening? I telegraph all of these questions back to myself from hundreds of miles above, but my face, still on earth, remains locked to his. I hear it sigh with pleasure. […]

I clean myself up as best I can at a local shelter, enough to convince a cabbie passing-through that I’m a stranded tourist. I have to see my wife and children. My scar palpitates at an increasing tempo as we approach our house, as the fare rises exponentially. I have no money. I cannot afford this. Fireworks detonate in my head, and for a fraction of a second I dissociate. I am the car, I am the asphalt, I am a suburban lawn. A carousel of lights jar me back into my body. It’s a police siren. My wife is crying on the sidewalk, surrounded by men in uniform, two small children screaming beside her. There is blood on my shirt, arms, and hands.

–Selected excerpts from Out of Body: The Bortz Metzger Memoirs
R. Driblette, editor
Penguin Books Ltd, 2002

Jeanine Brito / Joshua Hagler / Ho Jae Kim / Rae Klein / Yoora Lee / Laurens Legiers / Tali Lennox / Jorge Peris / Mosie Romney / Nicola Samori / Krista Louise Smith / Nadia Waheed

Curated by Ben Lee Ritchie Handler